HCSW – Massage Therapist Salary

Massage therapist salary allows for someone to live comfortably. On average, a trained professional will make an estimated $40,400. Like many other occupations, a massage therapist salary is largely dependent on the following factors; their geographic location, level of experience, their level of education and finally, the quality of the massage that they have given their clients. As they are in an industry that allows satisfied clients to tip based on their experience, the massage therapist salary varies based on the talent and capabilities of the massage therapist. Based on a study done in the USA by Healthcare Salary World, the difference between the lowest paid ten percent of professionals ($18,000) in this industry and the highest paid ten percent ($71,000) in the industry is a whopping estimated $53,000.

There are well paying positions for a massage therapist salary depending on where you choose to work. As the demand for massage therapists is highly dependent on the healthcare of potential customers and clients. However, if a massage therapist were to look for employment somewhere within the healthcare industry instead of beginning their career as a massage therapist independently, then the massage therapist salary would increase to an estimated $50,000. This is because they are targeting their industry’s needs and catering to them. For someone who has a medical condition targeting certain areas of their body resulting in pain and tension, a massage therapist may be able to capitalize on that. Although a position in a healthcare facility is better for a massage therapist salary, the professionals are not tipped as they would be in a spa or other facility.

In the states, a massage therapist salary is particularly its highest in the state of Alaska ($84,120/year). This is not common and is seen to be a tremendous increase as opposed to what we are used to seeing in the industry.

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