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Current Events

  • Sunday, January 25, 2015
    1:15–4:00 PM
    WCSSG Winter Meeting

    Gluten-free Vendors & Sampling: Starting at 1:15 in the Board Room
    A great chance to sample and purchase foods from fabulous gluten-free companies.

    Kids’ Activities: 1:30-3:30 pm in the C-Level Classroom
    Lauren and Mike, both teachers, will be back for music and fun activities.

    Guest Speaker: 2:00 pm in the Auditorium
    Speaker: Annalise Roberts

    Join Annalise for an entertaining discussion about the evolution of gluten-free baking in this country. She’ll talk about gluten-free flour blends, gums and other gluten-replacements, as well as descriptive techniques and guidelines to help ensure success when using recipes. Learn what you need to do to successfully convert a recipe, avoid missteps, and trouble shoot mistakes. Attendees are invited to bring a recipe they’ve been wanting to convert - like Grandma’s recipe.

    After being diagnosed with celiac disease, Annalise devoted herself to developing gluten-free baked goods that taste just as good, if not better, than their wheat flour counterparts. Annalise is the author of four gluten-free cookbooks: Gluten-Free Baking Classics, Gluten-Free Baking Classics for the Bread Machine, and The Gluten-Free-Good Health Cookbook, coauthored by her sister Claudia Pillow. The new fourth book, Gluten-Free Baking Classics - The Heirloom Collection, was released in November, 2014, and contains a mix of timeless, well-written recipes and insightful instruction for converting recipes yourself. It will show you what is possible and how to do it. Annalise’s recipes have also been featured in newspapers and magazines across the country.

    Annalise works with celiac support groups across North America and gives talks and classes about gluten-free cooking and baking. After years of writing for her foodphilosopher.com website (one of the first gluten-free websites in the country, dating back to 2003), she now blogs sporadically at mygluten-freetable.com.

    Phelps Memorial Hospital
    Route 9 at Route 117
    Sleepy Hollow, NY  10591
  • Ongoing
    Survey: Has Consumer Perception of GF Food Safety Changed Over Time?
    Conducted by GIG & U. Chicago Celiac Disease Center
    Start here.

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